2023 REEL
I’m Tom Miller.

Creative Ocean is my boutique digital production company that specializes in using GSAP.js to build animated and interactive content.

Since 2004, I’ve helped creative teams bring their ideas and designs to life. Creative Ocean produces digital display ads, scroll-based web animations, microsites, games, touch-screen kiosk interfaces, and more.

Digital Display (HTML5 Ads)
Yes please!

Even with, or perhaps because of, their strict technical limits, display ads are ideal spaces for innovative animations & interactivity.

I build ads from scratch (without Animate or GWD) which results in greater creative flexibility, as well as optimal file size and performance.

For standard ads, the initial animation is typically ready for review within one day.

Microsites, Games, Etc.
Think further outside the box

Pre-made solutions work fine in many cases; however, if the product needs to be unique, with plenty of custom animation and interaction, that's my sweet spot.

Open-source demos + experiments

The creative coding community is all about sharing ideas and techniques. Check out my work on CodePen.

Let's work together!

Tell me about your project’s deliverables and timeline, and I’ll be happy to provide a production quote. Work is typically priced flat-rate, inclusive of all coding, animation, reviews, revisions, and project management.

Please email project details to:

Or get in touch by phone: (850) 322-7460

Production Notes